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Angela Weber and Edward Cullen of Twilight Series

Sense of kinship
“I felt strangely comforted for a moment hearing Angela’s hopeless yearning. A sense of kinship that Angela would never know about passed through me and I was, in that second, at one with the kind human girl.”
—Edward Cullen, Midnight Sun

Welcome to senseofkinship, the first and only (as far as I know) community on livejournal devoted to the romantic or platonic relationship between Angela Weber and Edward Cullen from Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight book series. We accept all sorts here: fan fiction, fan mixes, icons, graphics, fan-made videos, anything you want that relates to Angela and Edward or their actor counterparts, Christian Serratos and Robert Pattinson.

01. All post need to be on topic and relating to Angela, Edward, or both. We also allow posts on news of Christian, Robert, or both as actors. This means general news or information pertaining to them or their roles in movies. Please do not post news /gossip on Robert or Christian that centers on his or her relationships with other actresses or actors. Posts such as these will be deleted.
02. When posting fiction or art, please include a header letting other members know what the rating, content, and spoilers within your fan work. Please put larger blocks of text (over 200 words) and graphics behind a cut. Teasers are allowed.
03. Promotions are welcomed and encouraged as long as they are Twilight related. Please try to explain a little about the project when posting.
04. Please try to tag your post using the existing tags.
05. Be kind to others. If you have a disagreement, discuss it in a calm and civilized manner. If you are not a fan of Edward/Angela, please don’t make trouble. This community was created merely for enjoyment. Trouble makers and trolls will simply be banned.
06. Enjoy!

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